Clubclass is the only residential English language school in Malta where the school is situated WITHIN the same building as the Accommodation, Indoor and Outdoor Pools, Fitness Centre, Aerobics Studio, Games Room, Internet Cafe, Launderette, Pizzeria, Pub, Restaurant & more.

Clubclass is licensed by the Malta Tourism Authority and the Ministry of Education, fully accredited by FELTOM and a full member of WYSETC and ALTO. 

Courses are offered in General English, Business / Professional English, English for Specific Purposes; students are also prepared for TOEFL, IELTS and University of Cambridge EFL examinations.

Clubclass Residential Language School your choice for English courses in Malta.

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I have had such a good time at Clubclass. The staff is really brilliant. I recommend everyone come because it’s a great opportunity to improve your English and get to know people.

Rafael Mateos - 25 years

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